yoyo blog please subscribe

hi there is my new yoyo blog:
in this blog i am going to upload a new post every time there is a cool story in the yoyo world
please subscribe

and have a good time :slight_smile:

please commet and say what you think

Nice I put it in my bookmarks!

Cool blog :smiley:

thank you all :slight_smile:



I’m loving your blog but unfortunately I don’t have FaceBook. I love how you’ve put down the prices for the different yoyos and for an improvement, you might have thought of this already but I would love to see some yoyo reviews. ;D

By the way, can you click on the thank you star button thingy instead of saying thank you because eventually half of the posts might just end up being thank you posts but anyways awesome blog. :smiley:

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i clicked on thank you now :slight_smile:
but i just want to tell you thats the yoyo reviews coming up in few days ;D