Yo-Be's... A new style of yoyoing?

I saw this commercial about yo-be’s, and it struck me that it was practically a ginormous responsive yo-yo… I would like to purchase one of these. What do you guys think of this?


Definately worth looking into, I think.

i don’t think its a yoyo at all it just a frisbee on a string

Honestly, I’m no where to even close to interested in this.

I bought a Diabolo this summer which is a lot more technical than waving a disk around… ::slight_smile:

I was gonna post about this… It looks like something I’d try out. Not the coolest thing though.

It isn’t as cut and dry as it looks. I saw a video of some people doing pretty technical stuff on it. I would definately try it if I could.

I have one, it is fun! ;D But yeah, nothing like a yoyo. It is a good work out on your arms. It is a good toy to take to the beach or just play with when you you have nothing to do. It is basically a fizbee for lowners. A frizbee that you don’t need a friend to play with, and I use it a lot and I don’t have many friends so I guess I’m a lowner. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Go Paul!

I’ve seen the commercial and the point is that you can play a Frisbee by yourself.

So its a bomarang with a strap?

No it’s a Frisbee with a bungie.

Go here: http://www.yo-be.com/banzaiyo-be.html

Some of it looks pretty cool what they do, it can definately be more than come out and back.

was grant in that video?!

Grant, Paul, and Joseph!

Heh, they got yoyoers to do the commercial.

I still think Icthus nailed it. It’s a frisbee with a bungee.

I had something like that when I was a kid. I got it because my sisters would never play Frisbee with me.