YJYOYO is now on YoYoExpert! Segamonte, Galaxy Time, Lapaz + More!

YJYOYO is a Korean company originally started by 2A professional player Yoon Jong Ki. It all began with the dream of making his own yoyos, his own yoyo academy, and building big competitions with a focus on enjoying yoyo as a community. Thanks to YouTube he created a huge yoyo boom in Korea and has continued to develop the amazing products you see from YJYoYo!


The SEGAMONTE is a lightweight version of the VEGAMONTE, the ultra-weight balanced bimetal model of YJYOYO. It’s not an experimental concept, but it’s focused on performance optimized for competitive 1A play. The bi-metal construction gives this yoyo a powerful sleep with excellent spin time while still feeling light and nimble on the string. Even spinning at lower RPM, the SEGAMONTE is capable of some impressive combos!


Galaxy Time is a project requested by fans of our previous model, the TIMESLIP. Developed for a very powerful long sleeper this yoyo takes everything we loved about the TIMESLIP and brings it to life in bi-metal form. With powerful spin and a light weight of 63 grams, the Galaxy Time has a speedy agile play style that feels tailored to the competitive yoyo scene.


METAL of the FUTURE is an experimental system utilizing multiple materials to achieve a unique weight distribution. This model fuses the beauty and density of metals with the durability and feel of POM plastic. Featuring a large wing shape and 66g weight, the Metal of the Future has a stable powerful feel with a surprisingly fast and nimble movement in play.


The Lapaz is built to be a great starter yoyo for players just getting into metal throws, but it’s really just a fantastic all around design. It has a comfortable step rounded profile, strong spin, and a stability that is both reliable and forgiving no matter how many missed hits.

Available at a great price with a really nice feel and a stunning look - The Lapaz is an excellent choice for any skill level!


YJYOYO releases their fifth installment of the Holly, their beginner full metal yoyo. The Holly5 was designed to support players learning their first binds. It has a healthy 66 gram body with a healthy weight balance to give plenty of spin with even a light throw. This also makes it easy to get some tight binds, so even beginners can start to figure out their return techniques.

Also, at only 54mm diameter, it’s easy for small hands to grasp. YJ’s customers start as young as 8 years old. From elementary students to fully grown adults, the Holly can support players of all ages to have that high end feel!


Finally! So glad to see them here now.


Very nice looking throws and the prices are reasonable!

super stoked to see them accessible in the states! will there be any roll machine releases?


That Vortex Lapaz looks nice.


Have you played any of these, Gingie?

Galaxy Time and Holly5 look nice!

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Wow, these look nice!


None of these specifically, but I’ve tried out a Zephyros 2 and a Roll Machine and liked both.

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I have a metal of the future, it is a very unique and fun player with tons of power and stability. When I pick it up after not playing it for a while it seems big and wide but once I really get into playing and not thinking about the yoyo it feels more like a 55x42 bimetal with an extra wide catch zone. It feels so much smaller that I’ll often fail to leave room for its size in tighter tricks.

The pom rims do not carry a lot of weight compared to the stainless inserts midship, the yoyo’s weight is definitely focused there but due to the rims it does not feel like a normal bimetal with midship rings. It gives me the impression of something like a draupnir or flashback that somebody tacked big pom rims onto. The low wall above the response definitely reminds me of a draupnir.

When I bought it I was expecting it to feel kinda like a wider mod44, but it really doesn’t. The mod44 feels very center weighted regardless of the rims I use, the MOTF feels much more rim weighted. It also doesn’t play like any other wide yoyo in my collection. Most of the yoyos I have that are somehow unique don’t have performance as a headline feature. This yoyo is the exception, it doesn’t feel like any other yoyo I have and the design features are focused on performance.


Can also confirm the metal of the future does not at all feel like what it looks like. Yes it big and wide (comfort) but it really doesn’t play as big as one would think!

So much power so much stability

Total I have 5 yjyoyos so far

Galaxy time-my number one fav yo-yo for a long time, only recently dethroned by Motion yo-yos Perpetual. Much lighter playing and maneuverable than you would think. The shape is chunky but comfortable, but it’s def got some nice float. Power and stability for days while maintaining light nimble feel. Wild yoyo. Absolute fav

Roll machine - roll machine took me some getting used to but after 10min I loved it. The roll machine has a super solid feel on the string, but honestly, this yoyo doesn’t move like a Bimetal. This thing can go FAST. But still has all the power and spin time you could want! Only minor minor thing is I’m since it’s so fast and nimble, it does have a tendency to tilt if you’re being sloppy. But if you’re on plane, this thing plays like a og draupnir. Also it’s worth noting, the shiny finishes feel like soap and are slipper on a grind. Idk how they did that but DAMN it feels amazing…

Bimetal XX- a very solid, very stable, smooth aesthetic design. Very very powerful and stable, but this one has a much heavier feel on the string, accompanied by the teensiest amount of float which makes it AMAZING for meta tricks (moving string around yoyo while yo-yo is in the air)

The Future- just baffles me. What a sick yo-yo. I’m so smitten with the one I got off bst, I can’t put it down. I thought it would feel light and almost uncontrollable, but not even in the slightest was that the case. This yo-yo feels so powerful and solid, but is also insanely floaty and controllable! The wide profile really doesn’t “play” wide. Yeah it’s all catch zone, but doing some tech, the width really doesn’t get in the way, some how. This model knocked my socks off just a little harder than roll machine and Bimetal xx, it’s up there with the Galaxy time for sure!

Time Slip- best Monometal for the price OF ALL TIME and I’ll take that statement to my grave. Solid, powerful, ultra stable, glass smooth, amazingly comfortable beefy h shape, soft blast, and enough float to make you go “ahh, that’s nice”. $35 how…. How did they do that.

Yjyoyo as a company blows me away with every release. Do your self a favor, and snag them while they’re available


I am really loving my black Galaxy Time.

Is there any chance it will be released in bright red w/ silver rims?