Yeti 2.0 question


I recently purchased a yeti 2.0 to try after the price drop. After about 2 hours of play time I noticed there are stress cracks already forming around the axle. Anyone know if they are prone to this or did I just get a bad example of one?


Did you buy it new or used?


Was purchased new from here, never opened up so still factory tightening


YYE has really great customer service. If you send them an email, they’d most likely exchange it for you. It shouldn’t have any cracking though. You may have just gotten a defective one.


As amazing as their service is I don’t know if it is worth the time and effort to send back for a 20 dollar throw, i just wanted to make sure this wasn’t a common issue to dissuade further purchases of clyw plastics


There are some marks on the bearing seat of mine. I don’t believe it is cracking though. I’ve never heard of that being a common issue.


It actually is a common issue among Yeti 2’s. Almost all of them (almost) will have tiny hairline cracks near the hub, around the axle. It’s nothing to worry about, and most that have hit the BST do have those cracks you’re talking about. It doesn’t affect play unless the yoyo ends up totally cracking in half, which shouldn’t be likely.


Hm… I didn’t know that. Mine still plays great so I have no worries :wink: It’s a give away yoyo for me anyways so oh well :slight_smile:


I’ve never opened mine to look if it has any stress cracks. I’ve got one of the red ones, been playing it a lot lately it’s a really fun yoyo.


Yeah, some of the Yeti 2 had issues with small stress cracks around the hub. All of our stock should have been checked for these cracks, but some may have slipped through.

The cracks don’t effect how the yo-yo plays as far as we have noticed, but we are happy to swap it out for you. Send an email to or give us a call and we can help you out.


For sure garret it does not hinder the play at all. It is not your fault as a company that this one has cracks, that falls back to clyw and the qc for their products. While I appreciate the willingness to replace it is not needed. Like I said this was more a question of how frequent this issue was, and its influence on my future purchases from clyw. Thank you all for the informative responses.