Yet another choir thread

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Got back into singing with a small mixed choir. Just had our first practice session this past weekend. It feels great to be in a small choir again. Just to put things in perspective. In the men’s choir I’m in, I’m one of 24 2nd. basses. In this choir, I’m one of 2.

As I’m typing I realize that this is probably not interesting for most of you, since choir isn’t the biggest past-time for teenage boys, which is likely the biggest demographic on this forum (I say teenage boys like I’m not 19, whoops). The point is, if you’re not singing in a choir, get up from that chair and start doing it. You’re probably singing in the shower anyways, and most of the time, that’s more than enough experience.

Here’s a terrible attempt at getting people stoked with some amazing repertoire we’re practicing. Recorded by other choirs.:


Love that first room. The reverb is fantastic, and it seems to decay right as it reaches the mic. One of those places I’d love to sit 2/3rds the way back and let it roll over me.

It’s been way too long for me. (Over a decade.) And seriously guys, choirs need men. I’m a subpar singer…but I can read music and as a baritone, can fake bass or tenor. So there are plenty of opportunities to perform with people who are immensely talented, in some really cool places. Give it a shot some day.

Thanks JonasK,

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Semi-necro for the purpose of avoiding saying “yet another yet another”

My love for the choir didn’t manage to catch the third installation, so now I’m backing and taking part in virtual choir 4. This is going to be amazing.

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In about 2 hours. Eric Whitacres LIVE Virtual Choir will hit TED talks. I’, still very sceptical to this concept. It’s a ridiculous technical challenge to have 32 singers from 32 different countries sing together over skype. Really looking forward to seeing this.

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I’m in there somewhere, gave up on finding my face though.