Yay :D

I just got my new yoyo… its been such a long time since I bought something that is actually new…
Anyone wanna guess what it is?

yoyoplanet io.

The YoYoPlanet BigBang.

The YoYoFactory Fast 201! ;D
Nah I keed. I would have to guess the YoYoplanet Bigbang too.

The yoyoplanet IO.
I’m more interested in the big bang than this yoyo, i like full size.
What happend to the big bang?

It is yoyoplant IO. Only IO in US and 1/8 dark brown ed.
Anyways, BigBang is currently being made at the moment so it will be ready soon.

Nice IO.
Well, i will wait a little longer for the big bang.

double post, you might want to fix that

sorry about that.