Yardwork + sore arms = No throwing!

Rough day.

I normally move a lot of heavy gear as part of my “day job” of doing concert sound. I wouldn’t say I’m a strong guy, but I can move 100+ pounds without much effort.

My wife has decided to extend the driveway sideways. This will allow me to park my truck further away so she can have more driveway. I won’t bore you with her logic, it would make a Vulcan commit suicide. It would make Spock swear and go on a rampage kind of bad.

Anyhow, I’m working to prepare the area that the driveway is going to extend into. All I can say is I’m clearly not in the proper condition to do this kind of yardwork. I can mow, no problem. Pull weeds? No problem. The work isn’t done, but this was more than a 1 day job anyways, so that’s not a big deal. However, my arms are killing me, my back hurts and my knees aren’t doing much better.

On Friday, I got tired of the response in my Fiesta XX’s response falling out. I think between the amount I’ve used it, and the recent trip to Vietnam and the high heat and humidity, the adhesive just up and quit on me. The response wasn’t super worn, but it’s been over a year and a half, so I guess that ain’t bad. Friday night, I siliconed it. I usually do this work late, so I would have been unable to get to the yoyo until around 9PM Saturday, but I was too distracted then to see how my work came out. I tried after the yard work. All I can say is that it was not an enjoyable experience. Wow, my arms really are sore!

On the positive side, it appears the silicone job went very well! I hope I can get to it tomorrow.

This does give a bit more credibility to yoyo being a sport. I’m not completely “in shape” and I’m paying for it.


I had to finish ripping out the lawn Monday. I had theroybit over to help me. Lawn is gone now.

New goodies came in on Monday as well. TMBR Irving Pro and Fremont, an Eh 2013 and a solid red Classic. Got to take photos of those. Those are going up soon to my Facebook account.

This post is really about Tuesday. I’m pretty much known at my kid’s school as The YoYo Guy. For afternoon pick-up, I managed to inline skate to the rear gate earlier than usual, which is my objective so I get a few minutes to throw. BTW, my arms are STILL killing me!! It’s actually worse.

I’m not sure which parents are scorning me, but I do know there’s quite a few who are interested in what I am doing. It appears that kendama is on the decline and many players are looking for something else. What’s good is that the synergy between yoyo and kendama is really good. It just seems that in general, skill toys don’t have this sort of “exclusivity” kind of snobbery that other activities can have. I’m definitely not feeling this kendama thing. I think its good and all, and like yoyo, it’s positive, active and fun. I’m just really not getting it, but I am gonna get some more kendama gear soon. I figure get a Pill, a sticky, maybe a 5-hole one and for sure a JKA-approved one and that should most likely wrap up my kendama investment.

It seems parents are inquiring about yoyo. This is good. I’m a bit concerned about kendama being on the decline though. It might be market saturation, or it could be tied t the school year winding down. I just want to see more skill toys being mainstream.

I think it’s great that kids are in fact interested in some skill toys. I’m also glad that some kids are talking to their parents about skill toys. I’m also glad that these kids AND parents are willing to ask me questions. This just shos a lot of good values: an interest in active play and parents and kids communicating with each other.

Wednesday, I have to adjust the truck load for my kendama event I am running sound for on Saturday, and probably gonna have to have a truckload of dirt removed from the former lawn area. By taking OUT heavy gear I for sure won’t be using for this kendama event, I also won’t need that gear for BAC either, so, I’ll have the truck pre-configured for BAC!! Double score! My prep for BAC is going quite well. I’ve already spent what I’d be getting paid(If it was in all cash) on gear to help ensure that BAC goes as smooth as possible.

Do I have a point? Probably not.

Oh maybe I do…

If you enjoy what you do, share it with others.