Does anyone know if Yoyoexpert will be getting in a One-Drop Y-Factor? I tried one and I really want one. Thanks

I heard onedrop refuses to deal with any store except itself. It is actually a good business techniqe because they make more cash that way. Maybe they might in the future, email onedrop. You can find their email adress here: www.onedropyoyos.com

~James Reed!

Then why does Yoyoexpert have a One-Drop Dingo?

Totaly forgot about that one. Hmm. Well, I don’t know, but I am sure the guys at onedrop will have a responce for you. :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

One Drop supplies several stores, just cause its not here yet doesnt mean it might not be coming. They have NEVER been exclusive to their store only.

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