Aww Dang! Players Only?

Will yoyoexpert stock them?

the onedrop formula:c ?

I think they’re only at the OneDrop shop and will only be there.

They closed their shop in support of their retailers that they sell to.

As for stocking them, I’d be interested in this as well. I mean, they had a few throws in the store which have now just fallen off the radar pretty much.

I was on onedrop last night and they still sell stuff like the have b grade 7075 burnsides on there and sarkuas or hoarse you spell it

Not the format c

Really? I clicked the link to the store and it just shows links to other distributors including yoyoexpert.

No… Sakura SEs are only available at OneDrop.

Nope. Just checked. The store seems closed now. And you can get the Broken Hearted Sakura SE on another site. It’s like a yoyoGROUP if you will.

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Yeah, I was wondering what happened to their direct store- they seem to have taken it offline.

I checked this morning, and it does seem that they just list all the retailers now. :-\

DANG Players Only are heading to Yoyoexpert :slight_smile:

One Drop is growing and that means change.

In this case, we are discontinuing our online store and putting all of our focus into supporting our resellers. We feel this will help streamline operations and be better for the yoyo community in general.

We appreciate everyone who has supported our store! We will still continue to offer special things direct from time to time (like the lab experiments) but we will just use the forums and email to do that.

As always, you can still email us with special requests and if we can work something out we will.