XL Review.


Those are all I have at the moment… I will have more in a week or so…

The Specs…

Diameter: 53.37mm

Width: 53.34mm

Gap Width: 5.39mm

Weight: 73.3 Grams

Bearing: “C” Size Ten ball bearing

The Feel…
It feels amazing in the hand. It’s wide enough to have all three fingers on there and isn’t so wide you feel you need your pinkie on there. The diameter is you regular size so nothing new there. Also the coat is really smooth so it feels good in the hand and smooth. The shape is also nice it’s like a ProtoStar but stretched out and given a slow curved slope that adds to the comfort. Over all I think that the size of the XL is big but it’s not too big.

The Play…
This thing is smooth on the string. And as you would expect whips and slacks are easy to catch. I find that you can still do tech tricks it’s just more difficult then with other smaller yoyos. It’s not to the point you can’t get into a “Wrist Mount” or a “Triple or Nothing” but it’s quite hard to do “Magic Drop” (I’m still a noob at “Magic Drop” though…). Also as you might of thought it’s floaty in play due to the weight, but the weight isn’t as bad as you’d think, this thing is big and you really don’t notice the weight.The grinds are great on this thing due to the nice finish on it. You can also pull off “Thumb Grinds” because of the little lip that it has. It’s not as good as some lips but it still works. And the stability is amazing. So over all the play is smooth, stable, and a little slow.

The Verdict…
What I was looking for when I set out to get a new yoyo was a “new” yoyo. I wanted it to be different then my other yoyos and it delivered that. I think that if you already own a “SuperWide” or a “Monster” you should stick with those unless you thought they were just too wide. I love my XL and it’s fun but if you want good overall yoyo that you can take with you every where this is not the yoyo to get.But if you want something new and different this is something to look into. (Also I tried the “SuperWide” and this and I liked this better because it felt better in the hand and was easier to throw for me.)

What brand is the XL?? I like the green and black finish. Or is it dark grey?? I tried the superwide and I did not like it much, too much vibe. But the shape on this points to more stability I think.

Great review!


Chico Yoyo Company. And I found it to be more stable then the SuperWide. Also it’s green with grey and it looks kind of dark green when spinning.

P.S. Thanks.

It looks like it carries good momentum, how long have you been able to get it to sleep???

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no offence taken!

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Really good review. I have tried this throw and its really legit. Its a wide yoyo that is actually playable like a normal throw.

Thanks for the review!

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I got to get the lube out but I can get a little bit longer then my other throws. :slight_smile:

I know I like how it’s still playable. :smiley:

Is it me , or that yo-yo really , REALLY wide?

I think that the SuperWide and Monster are even wide…

Yoyos always seem a lot wider up close.

Yeah the SuperWide was insane when I tried it I needed to use my pinkie…

Yea the XL is awesome i own one raw pre pro but it still grinds good!!!

I tried the raw one and it was cool but I ended up getting the Green and Grey splash one. It’s defiantly a fun yoyo.