Xela's tutos.


kang et kodos:

ping pong koloski:

des trucs coolllaa:

string adjustment slack and whip:

un tit tuto pour les poteaux:

something triangular

wrist mount, spirit bomb

ping pong:

gyro tuto:

nuclear test:

bind for korda:


and more on my youtube account:

see you soon.


wow, i cant belive i watched them all.
Im sooooo bored


errrrr he’s good :o


Can someone make better tutorial for these vids someone explaining it

(Raphael) #5


But seriously check the time of the last post before you post a new one, it has almost been a year (in a few months) since someone has posted on this topic.


Wow - I - …

November 25. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not your fault - but I agree/disagree with you on that. :slight_smile:

I agree by thanking you for saying that, but disagree by thinking that tutorials or videos should never die.

Not anyone’s fault. :wink:


I think a better approach to necro’ers is to ignore them. Don’t start saying “Necro!” when they bring up a post, just let it die, or answer that guy’s question.

Saying “Necro!” just brings it back to life.

No offence to Cameron.


shit, I didn’t see the date but I was just looking through, Didn’t no I had got to the end, I was looking for some new tricks to learn and there it was a whole post full of them.


It’s alright - mistakes happen. :wink:


Its not really a mistake imo. If he has a question, he asks.

Anyway Cameron, these tutorials are sufficient, just use them. No more clarity is needed.

Why am I necroing this post again anyway?


I don’t know… :stuck_out_tongue:


Sigh. You didn’t understand, did you?

Not going to necro this again, that means you shouldn’t post on it either.


I did.


(But really, vieos shouldn’t be put to die, they’re someone’s work.)