Woah! Amazing! I loved it.
Nice music too.


EPIC. Nuff said. :wink:


Hey man just wanted to let u know ur my favorite Yoyoers keep doin what u do u got one fan out here ;D buy the way please make a tutorial if u have time of that wrist mount combo in the speed combo vid I can never get it down Thanks


Thanks for the comments guys!

Mike: Thank you, and I don’t know which trick do you have in mind, but I can surely make a tutorial for you :slight_smile:


Amazing video!


Can you make a tut on the star trick?

This is amazing!!!


first video in a while where a saw video editing greatly enhance the quality of the video

(Big Mike) #9

Wow, that was really something else. Incredible style!


Well YOU’RE awesome. I was blown away.
btw, wht yoyo is that?

(2Sick Joey) #11

My mind was blown!



yoskater: Yoyo is Supernova Jon Rob edition w/o engravings.


Wait a minute, are you sponsored, cause you should be.




I agree! A tut on the star trick would be awesome.


Yeah, it would be helpful.




This was phenomenal.


Best video ever, period


Holy Cow that rocked.