New video

So recently my local toy store asked me to do a few videos for them the tricks are pretty simple but it’s cool so go on YouTubE and search tons of toys yoyo tricks

Ps I don’t know how to do a link srry

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Nice videos. A tad… creepy though. I dont know. I cant describe it lol.

Yea I know

The guy who video taped me was a little weird too

There’s something about your style that I like. It’s sort of nonchalant… but in a good way. Cool videos!

Thanks dude I was kinda fooling around in those videos

What’s with the titles? And why does their have to be a separate video for each combo you do?

The toy star set up all the videos and I guess they wanted that way but it was filmed straight through

Oh, it was kind of weird the way they set it up. So I was just wondering.

You enter a link by simply just typing the website name. for youtube videos, you just type in the link and the video will appear. Just some little advice even though Mi posted you’re videos. :slight_smile: