Xela's Turntablism Help

I can do the full trick but only by opening the loop on my throwhand with my other hand.

I cant open the loop enough to get the yoyo through, even my M1 wont go through the loop.
I have been practicing this a long time and only landed it once.

Somebody please help.

try to use the thumb nail and little finger nail to mount your wrist mount, then keep all the parts of the string in tense.
i hope you inderstand
my english is so bad(still practicing it…)

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Your English is good :wink: and I will try that.

It is a little bit bigger but still cant get the yoyo through.

your english was fine, the only part wrong was that you didn’t need the “in,” and it is understand, not inderstant (but that sounds cool)

It was probably a typing error. The ‘I’ is right next to the ‘U’ on the keyboard.

Even you (Mr. Yo) spelt understand with a ‘T’ on the end. See we all make mistakes without even knowing it.
Now its time to get back on topic.

Yeah probably, but Mr. YO intentionally spelt understand wrong the second time to point out what xela did in the first place so that he could be corrected.

No, Mr. Yo put a ‘T’ on the end on understand.