X convict or dark magic


should i get an x con or dm? i have 50 bucks


Dark Magic.


well most people would recommend the protostar to you but I say you should get the DM. A lot of people don’t like it but I think it is just about perfect. You should get a DM2 because they are newer and I guess better. I personally like the DM because of the feel from the wight distribution and the irg.
It also has strong fast sleepers and grinds well.


Out of the 2, I preferred the X-Convict, simply because it was smaller and easier to hold.
Also I don’t like starburst so the hybrid on my DM didn’t impress me much.


I vote DM II. I like my original DM and some of the changes they made for the DM II should make it even better.

The response is now recessed silicone pads.
There is a new axle system that adds stability.
It is a few grams lighter.


I have both the DMv1 and the X-con and they are both awesome so you might want to flip a coin on this one.


Don’t have a DM so I can’t judge on that…

The X-con is really nice, I like it muchly. But it requires a good throw. A little off and it will tilt madly. It does not recover well from a bad throw. That said, it really moves through tricks well if your throw is down good. It is stable, meaning it will stay in whatever mode you throw it. In a good smooth throw, it will remain that way. If you tip it on a throw, it will stay that way too.

(Halbach) #8

Get the Dingo. It’s a metal, and it’s only $50.

Or the Summer Special DV888, if any are left.


I looked, there are no more :(. If you decide on an x-con, I am selling a rare one. check the B/S/T)

(Hardcore_Max) #10

I agree here, if you want a smaller throw go with the x convict or if you prefer a larger throw go with the DM


I would wait for the hitman pro

(laxdude99) #12

I would get the revolution or protostar, maybe the dm2