Dark Magic or X-Convict


Are any of the two better in any way shape or form. Also does the starburst desighn on DM cause the string to wear/rip faster? ???


the starburst doesnt make it rip faster and the have very good shapes but i think the x-convict is more straight wing shaped


get the Dark magic :smiley: You can make it unresponsive if you losen the gap, more responsive if you tighten the gap :wink: For me, i will chose the DM

(R@itei999) #4

i’d prefer the DM, x convict is semi responsive and sometimes it will return when im doing a trick, its quite annoying. DM is more unresponsive and heavier, which i like personally, therefore i’d say go for DM :slight_smile:


is the DM big?

(SR) #6



get dark magic