x-convict adjustable gap not working

My adjustable gap on my x-convict isn’t working anymore? Is that normal?


This is one of the things i don’t like about the adjustable gap. Sometimes it wears out like that. It happend on my journey but not on my DM. What i’d do is buy shims, it should stay then. Plus it will be more balanced.

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Ok, thanks! ;D

I did this in order to keep the same gap on my X-convict, since Orings are a bit easier to find than shims. :slight_smile:

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I really don’t use the adjustable gap. I do think it wears out after awhile so you can do the oring thing or have shims. I use homemade shims.

i just know that you can use O-rings like that to adjust gap. i use shims in mine.
i’ll try the O-ring then. :slight_smile:

I play them stock.

How do you people change the gap on a Dm? O_O

You would do it the same way you would adjust the gap on any other YYJ: unscrew the yo-yo slightly or add shims.

I consider the O-ring method to still be stock in nature, since my only purpose is to keep the same with on the adjustable gap. Though, I guess it could be considered otherwise. Never really thought of it like that.

That’s what I do. And it doesnt feel any different :frowning:

Let me say it like this. I use them with the intended gap. All the way tight.