WYYC OneDrop Special Edition, YYF MINT, CLYW Gnarwhal

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I used to be on these forums under a different username, so I’m not as much of a newbie as it appears. I used to Yo-Yo quite a bit from 2010-2012 range, however, overtime I’ve lost the connection with yo-yoing so I’m looking forward to selling the majority of my Yo-Yos. These Yo-Yos are all FOR SALE ONLY.

Special Bundle Price for everything $240 (Value $310)

Up first lets start out with the Yo-Yos mint in the box, these I have never used, except to make sure that they still work perfect.

Clear/Red YYF Counter Attack (Left) $25
Blue/Gold YYF Counter Attack (Right) $25

2 Blue/White YYF Speed Dial $15 each

Red YYF Superwide $45
Buy this and get a Speed Dial for FREE

These two Yo-Yos are MINT, however I do not have the box.

Red YYF 888x with white hubstacks $70
Buy this and get a Counter Attack for FREE

2012 World Yo-Yo Contest Special Event Yo-Yo (SPYY RBITRON 5000) This is lowkey the best Yo-Yo of the batch. $80 SOLD

These Yo-Yos have minor flaws that I will highlight per Yo-Yo.

2010 World Yo-Yo Contest Special Event YYF Yo-Yo. This one has 2 minor scratches to the metal on the outside, however it does not affect performance and is still relatively smooth for its small size. $30 SOLD

2010 WYYC Special Event YYF Yo-Yo (Same one as above just has 4 scratches to the metal that also do not affect performance). Here you see it mainly on the right portion of the Yo-Yo on the edges. The pads seem a bit worn off, so I will provide new pads for whoever purchases this one. $25 SOLD

They are small, but they aren’t Mighty Flea small.

Blue/Wavelength YYF Super G $40 SOLD
2 scuffs and pinpricks on the outside and some damage on the inside portion of the Yo-Yo. I will also provide pads for this one as well. This is a great throw nonetheless and with pads is easily one of my favorites.

CLYW Gnarwhal (original) Gray with black and silver splash/speckles. $75
Buy this and get a Counter Attack for FREE

To be honest I thought at first this was mint, however I’m trying to be as honest as I can with you guys and I did spot the slightest anodization flaw circled in the second photo. The throw is great and runs smooth.

2011 World Yo-Yo Contest Special Event One Drop Code1 Yo-Yo (Black/purple halves). $40
Buy this and get a Speed Dial for FREE

One scuff visible on the black half of the Yo-Yo and the caps have seen better days. They just dated a lil rough, however this is easily one of the smoothest Yo-Yos nonetheless.

B Grade YYF Catch 13 Black/gold with black hubstacks $35 SOLD
This Yo-Yo is a “B grade” because of the paint screwup in the making of the yo-yo. In the first pic, this half of the yo-yo looks pretty sick and is the good half. However in the second photo you see where the paint is lacking. Even though it looks rough the paint job is still smooth and this Yo-Yo is lowkey one of the better performing Yo-Yos of the pack. There is one scratch that I tried to depict in the third photo. Nonetheless, very solid throw. For all of those who used to Yo-Yo like 9 years ago, this is basically a YYF Frantic with hubstacks.

Please PM me or message on this thread if you have any questions. I will definitely be willing to negotiate prices on almost all of them, so please help a brother out and lets get some sales going. US shipping only. I do have PayPal.


ooo nice stuff here as well. :wink:

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That’s not a Catch 22. It’s a C13 with stacks added.

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Thank you, my mistake.

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New bundles, check it out! I’m definitely willing to negotiate, just send me a PM.


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(Tim M) #8

Lots of yo-yos still up for grabs! Send me a PM if interested!

(Tim M) #9

Keep it coming! PM me if you guys are interested!