wyyc 2017 live stream

Where can I find the live stream for wyyc 2017?

Because I searched a lot and found nothing (and it’s in only a day)

Thanks a lot!

Here is a link. I can’t wait for it to start!!! :slight_smile:


Oh, they just add it up! Thanks

Sweet thanks for the link!

Nothing live yet, anyone know when it’ll start?

It’s 10:54pm PST and 5:54am Iceland currently.

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I was just looking at the schedule for the final day, and 5a is the only division that doesn’t have the returning champion slated to compete last. Is Takeshi Matsuura not competing this year?

Watched a lot of the 1a Prelims, and Evan Nagao killed it! His routine was Banger City.

Nice to see Andrew Bergen do so well. I really like his style.

Too bad for Andrew Maider…

I also liked Paolo Bueno’s routine.

Been watching this morning at seems like lots of jitters for the 5a & 4a finalists. Really, better performances for semis in those two div. Was waiting for someone to break out. Finally Rei Iwakura just crushed it!!! You really need to check out his freestyle if you haven’t done so.