WTTF: Splash Frantic, C13, Cream, Luchador, Lucha Libre, CounterAttack.

Link to pictures at very bottom.

Heres what im looking for:

Splash Frantic
Counter Attack
Lucha Libre


Heres a quick rundown of what im offering:

Worlds Atmosphere
Rim Satined Hectic
Satined Pre-Release DV888
Takeshi FHZ
Dyed Journey
Siliconed Speed Dial
Satined SpeedMaker
KK’d Envy64 (No Vibe)

Heres what I got to offer/sell:

A MINT Worlds edition Atmosphere. Plays great. Only thrown about 20 times. $50 Shipped.

Satined Black Hectic. It looks like a metal rimmed YYJ. But plays a million times better. Its also polished and waxed. Grinds amazing. Looks awesome. $55 Shipped

Takeshi FHZ. The Caps are cracked a little. BUT it does NOT effect play at all. It has a ceramic bearing and plays great. $25 Shipped.

Dyed Journey. Its reshaped just the tiniest bit. Not even noticable. Plays great. Fast. Light. and Half Siliconed Half O-ring. $12 Shipped. Will only sell or trade with something else.

Pre-Release DV888. “Orange”. The body is satined. Makes a squeaky noise when you screw it together but doesnt effect play. The sides of it are still original color. And it just has pin pricks here and there.Polished and waxed. Grinds great. and plays better. Id only add this in a trade for a Wasabi. PRICE: $55

Ko-s with white plastic and black HG material. Has an X shaped crack on the nipple but plays fine and wont get any worse. It has like 1 semi bad scrape on it and pin pricks here and there. It has a Konkave on it and its siliconed. No Vibe or anything. $30 Shipped

I also have a Siliconed Speed Dial thats near mint. Plays fine, just a little snaggy and responsive. Deal Sweetner is written all over it. $10 Shipped. Will only sell with something else

I have a Satined yellow speedmaker. Again. Deal Sweetner. Its mint.

It wont let me upload pictures for some reason

I will sell everything in a bundle for: $170 Shipped. Im mainly looking for Trades only.

PICTURES: http://img197.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=dv8882.jpg

I got a counter attack

What color and condition?

its clear with red and really good condition … its barely a month old … ( i got a newbreed dat i play wit now)

Hmm… all i have left is the DV888 and Stacked Black Knight.

here you go

You would have to add stuff if you want to get either of them.
Is that cool?

If so what all do you have to add?

I have sb2 … and i would give you both for the dv888


tom kuhn

How much for envy?

Please check the date of the last post. This was from October. I really doubt he still wants to trade or sell whatever he has there.