WTTF: CLYW. For sale too.

Ok Heres what I got for sale and trade. Keep in mind that my only wants are: Wooly Marmot or ANY Peak (i dont care if its a beater.)

Heres what I have for sale and to offer:

Envy64 that has been KK’d and rim satined it has NO VIBE AT ALL. $60 shipped.

Takeshi FHZ. 2 SMALL white scuffs on the rims. And the caps are cracked. Doesnt effect play AT ALL. $32 Shipped

Hectic. Its black. Borderline Beater. Plays fine though. Gonna rim satin/side the damage away soon. Will look sweet when Im done. $40 Shipped

Mint Satined Yellow Speedmaker. Flush O Ring. $12 Shipped

Minty Siliconed SpeedDial. $20 Shipped.

I will sell them ALL in a bundle for: $118 shipped.

I am willing to give a SWEET for a Mint Peak or Mint Wooly.

Could i see a picture of the speed dial possibly? i would buy it for 20 if i could see it maybe

100 for envy? boss + 20 for envy?

Please check the date of the last post. This was from September/January. I really doubt he still wants to trade or sell whatever he has there.