WTT/WTS: red dead redemption, Meteor GET ME BLACK OPS!!!


I have an 888x, near mint, has a few anno scratches that you can barely feel, no feeling on a grind, still dead smooth. It comes with all stacks, making it a $150+ value, give me a good offer.$150, you cannot buy without stacks GONE to yoyojamben

Modded FHZ: weight rings under the caps, painted i believe, 1 dif pad, no bearing and 1 spacer.

Meteor: It has a bunch of scratches, but it is a satin finish, so you can just re satin it. $50 Pending

Red dead redemption: Its red dead redemption…(Ps3, comes in jewel case) $50
(dont care about condition unless it has several dings, as long as it’s smooth
YYR: Slepinir,messiah, CLASH, stargazer

I prefer the bold yoyos first, cash second and other yoyos third, oh, and dont try and get away with "Want to trade a northstar for that 888x? It’s not going to work.

My camera just gave me the middle finger, i’ll try to post pictures up by tomorrow,
free shipping if you offer me a YYR/leviathan, if not, its 4$ for priority, $13 for express and if you want it delivered by pigeon, 1 pigeon

yoyo comes with your choice of:
10 ball bearing (got 2)
center trac


didnt 888x cost like 90 bucks?


It comes with

2 sets of z stacks

3.5 pairs of hubstacks (one hub is missing :o)

long stacks and top tips

dice stacks


pretty expensive set


Thats still only like 90 bucks because it has anno scratches and the hub set only costs like 15 buck total since they are used


the hubs are mint…i only use the long stacks


888 isn’t worth 150 by a long shot,

you should really just cut your losses and sell without all those stack, just one set, the long and tip tops, would make it 100



Black ops for red dead redemption?

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