WTT 888 for plastics.

Hello amigos, I am in the business of looking for some fun plastics.

So, here is the deal. I want multiple plastics (Especially loopers and 4a throws) for my small bearing 08 888.

Those are the pics.

This thing only has small raw marks on it. I will ship with the green stacks it has.


Looping sets (preferably Sunset Trajectories)

Offer up plastics.

I am looking for 2 or 3 for 1 depending on what you have. Just shoot me some offers. :slight_smile:

will you take 4 1a plastics? i also have an exodus 2.

Today’s bump is brought to you by:

Send me all offers in pm’s.

Today’s bump is brought to you by:

The letter K and… the number 12.



I’m not familiar with the anatomy of a small bearing yyf. Can you put a large bearing in there or does it not fit? I got a pair of unleashed

Never mind. Bad question. Haha Is it unresponsive?

Would you take a velocity and a yoyofactory One? small bearing responsive

Please put all Offers in the form of a PM. Please please please. chris, no i would not.

Ryan, yes it is unresponsive. And if you have anything else you could bring to the table I am very interested in unleashed.