Like the title says, I’m looking to trade 6 good throws for one! Looking to downsize my collection, and don’t really use the ones in this first picture much. So I’d like to trade all 6, plus a Lyn Fury if you want it, for one good throw.

I’d really like a Wooly Markmont, a Seven Summits (or deep space or massdrop/Reddit versions), or a Ricochet, but I’m open to other offers in that range of value! Here are the throws (will update with new pic tonight of only those left available):
Left to right, top to bottom:
TS Capricorn (1 of 10?)
YYF Horizon
Werrd Irony GBA
YYF Super G
YYF Regen
OD Code 1

Offer on anything you’d like to buy individually, though I’d prefer to keep them together in a while set for a trade or sale. Price for all remaining throws in the first pic is $200 shipped.

As for damage, the Irony, Code 1, and Horizon are the only ones with damage, but they’re all still smooth players. I’ll provide detailed pictures if you’re interested. The Capricorn has a bit of vibe, but I know it can be tuned smooth, as I had it smooth once; otherwise it’s mint, it came with vibe.

I’m also looking to trade for the following throws:

Spencer Berry Walter*
YYF Ricochet
ODxCLYW Wooly Markmont*
OD Markmont Project
3yo3 Bassline 2 (black or nickel)
Anti-yo Bapezilla*
Anti-yo Eetsit*
Anti-yo Fluchs*
SPYY Flying V
ODxCLYW Summit
CLYWxSPYY Galactic Goose*
CLYW Wooly Marmot 1 or 2
CLYW Campfire*
CLYW Peak*
YYR Dazzler*
Oxygene Hyperion*
Other titanium throws*

  • indicates my “unicorn” wants

For some of of my wants, I’d trade everything pictured above. For others I’d trade a few. For my “unicorn” wants, I may be willing to trade some of the following throws:
(NOTE: don’t offer trades for these unless you have one of my unicorn wants and are looking to trade. I won’t respond to other offers on these, period.)

So, hit up my inbox with what you have and what you’d want to trade for!


Will trade seriously in your favor for a Sovereign. Check OP for example of how much in favor I’d be willing to go. Obviously that’s not the only things I’d be willing to trade, that’s just an example, so if you’re interested at all, feel free to let me know which throws you’d like to trade for.

If you’re thinking of selling your Sovereign, please consider a generous trade offering from me; although it would take more effort on your end, you could easily make more by selling the items that I’m willing to trade than you would get from your Sovereign!

Also goes for my other unicorn wants, and although some of them are not nearly as valuable as the Sovereign, I’ll still trade heavily in your favor.

Bump. Really want your Sovereign. The MN and MC are really the only 2 that I wouldn’t want to include in the trade, so take your pick of a combo of anything else in my collection, and send me an offer!

86400 is gone! Bump! Bring me your Sovereign!

Regen also gone! Bump.

For a Sovereign in good condition (preferably near mint) I’ll trade everything left in my “for sale” section, plus the Addiction, Orbitron, and Cascade! Don’t pass this up!!!

Dusting off the cobwebs. Updates tomorrow.

Still really looking for a Sovereign. You know you want to trade it to me…

Bump, PayPal ready to buy Sovereign for reasonable price. Hit me up.

Bring up my post

Bump. Check out my proposition! You could get all 10 yoyos for only $180 if you buy me a matching set of 2014 benchmarks with the buy 3 get one free promo!

Bump. Don’t miss out on the crazy deal I’m proposing! Even buying all 4 of the 2014 Benchmarks to trade me would only cost you about $180 with the buy 3 get 1 free deal. That’s a steal for the 10 throws I’m offering. Not counting the Lyn Fury, that’s only a $20/throw average!