WTS : YYR , CLYW , YYJ , Duncan and YoyoSkeel


Hi , I’m Ryan Lim from Malaysia . I have some few yoyos for sale as they aren’t getting much attention as they should from me . I hope that someone can give it more play time than me .

First of all
Clash 2012 (Red) a few scuffs on it . In quite good condition- OFFER

Chief (Berry Berry) a few dings- $90

H5xChief (Red with Silver) Mint - $130

Quest (Black) with Lateral Caps . It has 1 very bad flatspot but not affecting play- $70

DM2 (White) MIB - $25

Cerberus (Red) Used . No dings . Great condition- $25

Duncan :
Echo (Black) 44clash Edition . 1 scuff on the side otherwise perfect condition- Offer

Satisfaction (1 half black,1 half silver) i have 2 of these and both mint w/o box- $30 each.

Shipping is not included . PM me if interested and we can work something out if possible . Pics can be requested if interested .


You need pictures on the actual BST or it will be taken down. Just trying to help! :slight_smile:

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