WTS/WTT Nice stuff, Pure Gold, Pacquiao, Oxy, etc.

1/7 Blasted, Engraved TE Sasquatch-NOT FOR SALE
Mint Pure Gold
Mint Red Regulus
Mint Red Yuuksta
Mint Polished Oxy 3vo w/ceramic KK
Mint MarkMont Next-GONE
Mint 28s Marmot
Stargazer v2-NOT FOR SALE
Mint Blue Pure-GONE
Mint Red Pacquiao
Mint 2010 Purple/Blue Splash Skyline
Near Mint Beadblasted Oxy 4
Mint Orange Northstar

Mint Purple/Green NVx

Mint P22

Mint C13s

Mint 1/10 Sodablasted Clear Ano P2

Mint 1/1 Candyblasted Orange Liopleurodon

Near Mint Gold DNA

Not pictured:

Mint Phenomizm

Looking for cash and YYR, especially e=mc2 and sleipnir, and any other new prototypes.

How much for the Yuuksta? My friend REALLY needs a metal yoyo and she is obssesed with that one.

Can i get prices in the c13s cause im lookin for one???