WTF?!?!? PM Limit?

I am mad that there is a limit to 20 per hour, can you please remove it?

Is there ever a time when you need to send out more than twenty an hour? If you are just using it for back and forth chatting then it should be mentioned that we have a chatroom just for that.

Just Now

You should never have to send over twenty PMs in an hour.

If you were dealing in a BST, the best thing to do would be -as Mrcnja said- to go to chat and talk there.

You should be able to complete most dealings in the BST within five messages, not including updates.

Think of it this way, why do they need a limit on the PM’s?


Correct. Everyone hates spammers, but I do find that kind of annoying. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think anyone is spamming on this forum.

Then the PM limit seems to be working aye?

I just don’t see anyone wasting there their time spamming a yoyo forum.

You don’t see if because we have excellent moderators. But there are spammers who make threads or PM people randomly sometimes. Why do you need more than 20 anyway?

Sending messages to 21 people about a meeting?

lol no he was taalking to me

Somehow I doubt that it would be imperative for all twenty-one of those messages to be sent within one hour.

In that case there is a chatroom for that purpose.

We didn’t want others being able to come in and listen to our convo. We eventually just skyped.

You do have the ability to private message within the chat, or even just create your own private room. Skype is another option. This “problem” still doesn’t seem to be an issue.

I don’t see why there needs to be a limit. I think that I should have the option, especially since my compuer doesn’t have the plug ins to use the chat room correctly.

The reason that there is a limit on many forums is that in the end it costs someone money to run them. The more bandwidth you use the more it costs. The more space your stuff takes up…yup, the more it costs. Somebody is paying the bills and he set a limit so things run right. Plus PMs weren’t meant for massive conversations over a short period of time.

My suggestion is if you want things to be private, take them off site like you did. Use chat software or better yet use voice chat.

My forums has a chat box, and we also run a Teamspeak server. A friend has a Ventrillo server. We use these to be able to chat when we like while playing games, working on our servers or just goofing off.

Let’s put that to the test, for the next month, I will be sending you 20 pm’s per hour. (Just kidding :P)

Remember, these are forums, someone could write up a bot to register itself and continuously send an infinite amount of pms, with no stop.

P.S. We need a CAPTCHA here :confused:

Yet no one is doing that.