WTB: YoYoFactory Canon w machined delrin counterweight (PLEASE CLOSE)

I would like to buy a YoYoFactory canon Yoyo. My uncle challenged me to learn an aerial bee sting on 5a, so I need a 5a Yoyo. I’m asking 35 mint and 25 Used (with cosmetic flaws). I pay shipping USA only. Please PM me picture and price if you would like to offer.

You can use any 1a yoyo for 5a you know? And yye has the 5a may balls from yoyofactory.

And there are b-grades of the canon that are in your price range. Otherwise I can’t see anyone reselling something as good as the canon for that low.

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Thank you, the reason I wanted to buy a canon is I want an upgrade from my current yoyo, and I want to get into 5a, so its killing 2 birds with one stone. If you have any other 1a yoyos you recommend and that I can just stick a weight on, then feel free!
Also im open to offer :slight_smile:

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I started learning 5a on a first base. It’s my first love and it’s wonderful for everything.

Then I picked up a duncan freehand pro because I loved the purple and blue color scheme and has a matching counterweight. It’s also quite a wonderful yoyo, though, it is pretty vibey, but gets better the more you play with it. And with learning 5a you’re going to ding the heck out the yoyo, so starting with plastic is great.

Others I’ve tried for 5a:
freehand nextgen, also great but pretty slim, makes learning things a lot harder.
SF PLSTC, super wide, super stable, pretty awesome.
YYF Protostar, cheap pro beast if you can find them
Topyo Mojo, vibey, bearing locked up on me, but super stable and awesome for fingerspins and cheaaaaap. Loved it for 5a.
Magicyoyo N5, dirt cheap easy to hit tricks, pads are super slippy though, probably would like it better if it was siliconed. Dirtiest cheapest on the auction/Chinese sites. Still kind of hate it though.

For me, first base is the best jack of all trades then the Freehand pro if you can deal with mild pulse vibes.

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I would prob go buy the first base right now but the only option is pink glitter cat thing lol.

I got some throws and counterweights for sale if you’re interested :slight_smile:

id recomend the shutter wa or marco over the canon any day

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