WTB: Rain City Sk8r

I am looking for a specifc color sk8r. It is black with purple. If anyone has one please let me know. Thanks!

Sk8r is made by rain city skills and they have this one in stock on sale for $39


Or are you talking about the Skate Currier?

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I thought about getting this one. I have a purple and green one

That’s what I thought they meant too.

This is the one

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What is Skate Currier?

I didnt realize i put recess lol

A colab between Hildy Beothers and Recess. It’s a wooden fixie.

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Oohh ok. Sounds cool!

They had one of these on ebay for like 25 bucks, i thought it looked like a plastic fat tire. I never seen one of those before.

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I know i lost the bid because i didnt see the notification

Damn that sucks! They have another one too but completely different color. If i see one like that ill lyk.

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The sk8r is made out of delrin right? So cant it be dyed?

Yes, ive heard of people dying white ones, theres info on the net how to do it and stuff, just do a search, theres a couple posts in these forums about it too.