The Sk8r by Rain City Skills and Oh Yes Yo is back!

Restock and update of the original C-bearing Sk8r drops tonight at 5pm Pacific, 8PM Eastern!

15 colourways

3 Yoyoexpert Exclusive

2 ■■■■■■■ Exclusive

10 Rain City Skills

Price $65

Weight 64g

Diameter 53mm

Width 41.64mm

Bearing - Size C Groove Concave

In the box (well, package)

-The Sk8r

-assorted Hub Accessories

-minifigure on a skateboard

-keychain skateboard

-The usual assortment of pogs and stickers.

Release date is october 28th at 5PM Pacific Time

Yoyoexpert Colours -


Will white with silver or black hubs be in this restock?

Will there be a solid red with silver hubs available? Was there ever a red/silver version available?

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Unfortunately I miscounted in the chaos of school year end last year, and we ended up dying almost all of them, so no white in this release. If these sell reasonably fast I’ll order another batch and just sell white.


The very first run had red with black and red with purple, but no red-silver. I didn’t do solid colours this time because the minimum order is 50 pieces, and it made more sense now that we can dye them to just get all white and do so. But I’ll keep solids in mind for next run!

The graphic above shows all the colours we did for this run.