Sk8r for sale

Maple with purple heart caps Currier (3 small scratches) -32 (sold)

Beech knack nmtbs -50 (sold)

Sk8r (small surface scratches looks like they are from machining) -41
Rainbow Carlson cs (like new) -75 (sold)

Duncan world of colors (bad condition awful players but a cool collectable)-5 for one of them with anything else (sold)

Theodore (condition shown other than 2 small scratches that are hard to find) -135 (sold)

Purple heart Currier 1 small scuff -32 (sold)

Neo (small machine surface scratches) -5 with anything else

Purple sleep machine (like new) -90 (sold)

Nucleus (a couple of small surface scratches and pin pricks) -250 (hold)

Northern spin helix (great condition is just had a couple of small surface scratches on the rims can be felt and these would definitely polish out) -188 also the smoothness is probably around a 8/10 (sold)

Also on the hunt for a red serenade


I really like the rainbow one under the red yoyo.

It’s a Carlson cs in spectraply. I’m not sure if I want to list that one but I’m open to offers.

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Bump some things have sold

Bump for the day


Bump sleep machine sold

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