WTB or trade for: Born Crucial, silk, eetsit, or peak.

Hey everyone, I’m getting back in the scene. Ive been yoyoing for 4+ years, but have kinda stopped.

I’m looking to buy some born crucial yoyos! Only delrin, and only white! Can be dinged, I dont care at all. I’d like no wobble and minimal vibe though.
A first run milk would really tickle me to death, I bought one when they first came out and I really miss it.
A silk would be cool too! The newer the run the better, and the whiter the better haha. Please no wobble, I know some are terrible, some are awesome. I’d like an awesome one. Ill pay more for a good one.
I’d also love an eetsit, I miss my bapes and eetsits ( I once had 4, and now I have none. How did that happen? haha)
I can pay via paypal, asap!

I also am going back to college to get alll my yoyos. I have tons of really good and some pretty rare yoyos, I’m gonna post them all when I get them.

(just quick bio of myself below haha)

I had to take a medical leave from college, so now I have nothing to do for a few months. I’m getting back into it. I had a few rough patches in the past, I never scammed anyone, but I was supposed to send first and I just didnt, cant explain why. I had super bad depression, and didnt leave the yoyo community well imo.

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Got lots of stuff for trade and I will be selling some stuff soon, when I get them back from college :stuck_out_tongue:

what yoyos do you have at ur college

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