Looking For Werrd, Crucial, Duncan, YYF, X3, RecRev, More

I’m on the search for some yoyos. I have a pretty large collection and I’ve found some yoyos that I’ve been wanting and I have plenty of trades for the yoyos I’m looking for. Now before I list what in looking for there are a few things I want to make clear.

  1. I will only ship within the United States.

  2. I am not a collector so please dont offer me your rare yo-yos cause I could honestly care less if it’s a special edition.

  3. I do not care about condition. Dings, nicks, scratches all welcomed in my case. I do prefer dinged yoyos and entice all offers to be used. However I do like a smooth throw and any vibe that can be felt noticeably I will not accept.

  4. I very much prefer to deal with someone who has multiple of the things on my wants list. Shipping is expensive for me and shipping for a single trade isn’t really what I’m looking for.

  5. When PMing me please include what yoyo brands interest you, specific yoyos your looking for, or just anything like that would help me out.
    Here’s a list of the things I’m looking for. If you have any of these please PM me. Do not reply in this thread. I do my best to reply to PMs.

Kind of in order of wantiness:

LB Split Decision (any rims and color but red is least prefered)
Irony (would love a green one)
SuperG (any color)
X3 La Goutte
Undeniable Genesis
Duncan Echo (any color but orange)
Crucial confection
Severe 2010 (would love a wavelength)
2012 Genesis
Northstar (green or yellow)
Canvas (for a good deal)
RecRev Oktave (any version)
3A pairs