WTB - A good yoyo for a good price.


Well I’ve been looking around alot for a new throw and it’s hard to find what I want, in stock. So i’ll list a few yoyo’s i’ve been looking for but i’m also open to just about anything as long as it isn’t vibey and is priced well.

Looking for :
YYJ Hitman Pro and other YYJ with solid spin technology.
YYF Boss (just about any good YYF without hubstacks i’ll consider)
OneDrop Y-Factors, MarkMontNext, Project
CLYW Sasquatch, Ghnarwal, just about all of em
SPYY Punchline, addiction 1 & 2

open to any and all yoyos you wanna sell as long as decint quality, minimal vibe, and good price. Just leave a post with what throws you have and what you are looking to get paid. Let me know about conditions and if at all possible pictures of damage would be great. Anno flaws and scratches won’t scare me away.


There are Y Factors available in a few shops online still ???

I know at least one site that has 25 Gnars in stock right now too

I know a site that has the BOSS in stock also

Found a site that has the Punchline


I want the others used, only throw i’m looking for I have trouble finding in stock is really a sasquatch.


I know a place that has 6 team edition sasquatch’s in right now

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