Infinite Chaos, Sorry for saying that but cleaning the bearing would cause rust so don’t clean bearings.


if you lube it it wont
i really never heard of bearing rusting only havein a shorter life if clened and not lubed


no you’re wrong, considering almost all bearings are stainless steel (other than the old yyj bearings and duncan bearings) they will NOT rust if you clean them, UNLESS you are exposing them to moisture more than normal.


Cleaning your bearing in rubbing alcohol will make them rust. Mineral spirits and lighter fluid don’t contain water like rubbing alcohol so the bearing won’t rust. Then just lube and play it.


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Bearings don’t rust if you clean them with what you’re supposed to clean them with, as mrcnja said.


If you clean them with lighter fluid or mineral spirits they won’t rust. Get your facts RIGHT!!

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If you clean a bearing with improper methods then you might get it to rust, but this is not usually the case.

Stainless Steel CAN rust, but it’s fairly resistant to it.

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