how did this happen to my bearing...?

my genesis bearing dont spin freely and it didnt got anything stuck in it then swapped my genesis bearing with my 888x bearing that shud be realy dirty and its now realy good
my kk bearing and the stock genesis bearing wont spiin freely when i spin it

srry if there was any mistakes in there written ::slight_smile:

spec bearings tend to die randamly. Try cleaning them in mineral spirits,

looks like you forgot to finish your sentence. but yeah… clean with mineral spirits, put a little thin lube.

then its going to be rusty after like 1week or 2.

ummm… no… first of all, its stainless steel. second of all, thin lube somewhat prevents rusting

so the genesis bearing if i washed it wont rust ; :o

How do mineral spirits rust the bearing?

last time i washed my auldey regal speed yoyo it have rusted realy bad

you probably used the wrong kind

wait you cleaned the YOYO? also, make sure you use mineral spirits, not water to wash the bearing… i used water when I was a beginner and ummm yeah

nah i used a mineral spirit no water and the bearing is a cheap auldey

I’d clean the bearing. Here is a link: