Cleaning Bearings Question

Is the YYF spec bearing that comes with the PGM V2. stainless steel? I was wondering if I could use water.

I don’t know if it’s stainless or not, but a lot of people don’t realize this but stainless steel will rust. It’s not nearly as prone to rust as regular steel, but it will rust given the opportunity.

So if you did use water, you would need to dry it and oil it. And most people who chime in here will likely tell you to use the standard way of cleaning.

Never use water to clean bearings… I’m not sure who started this whole trend of telling people to do it, but they are wrong in every possible way. DO NOT USE WATER TO CLEAN BEARINGS.

It’s not hard to find lighter fluid, mineral spirits, or even acetone… if you aren’t old enough to buy these things, ask your parents to do it all for you as you shouldn’t be playing with chemicals.


Well at least I’m not the only one that thinks like this. Although water won’t hurt your bearing if you know what you are doing, most of you will forget about it or not do the right thing and kill your bearing with it so why even bother with it. Also it REALLY SUCKS as a cleaner!!!

Kyo is gonna flame me for that. lol

Most of that is right… except for the ‘won’t hurt’ thing. Water has lots of minerals and other crap in it that get deposited on the surface of the metal… these will start to build up and wear away at the surface, and can cause significant damage to the bearing.

I’m not saying water will instantly kill your bearing, just that it’s a stupid idea to use it… especially long term.

You’re very much right about it being an awful cleaner… it isn’t a solvent and isn’t good at breaking down oil, dirt and grease that builds up in your bearing. There is a reason you don’t use water alone to clean stuff… it’s a good carrier for other stuff, but it sucks at cleaning on its own.


Yup, you can use water. Although it would be better if you would use mineral spirits or lighter fluid.

isopropal alcohol is also excelent cleaning agent, i use it and only it

I would never use alcohol. If you forget your bearing in it and leave it overnight, your bearing will most likely be rust i the morning.

Oh and Kyle, It will take a LOOOONG time for those minerals to build up but it will happen yes.

End all Bee All

Water is BAD and it SUCKS. Don’t use it.

how would it rust?
The isopropal alcohol is 99.99% pure, there is no water or contaminates to make the bearing rust, and who forgets to take there bearing out and leave it over night anyways?

Well no, not really… you leave deposits the second you do it. It doesn’t take much to start damaging something that is so tightly toleranced to begin with.

Will it destroy every bearing instantly? no… there are a million variables… but it’s an extremely bad idea.


Alright, alright. You win I guess. lol