Would someone be willing to help me analyze two video clips?

So, I have a trick I’m using at AZ states that’s supposed to land in a heart mount, but randomly lands in a cool Eiffel tower every once in maybe 500 tries and I have no idea how it happens… I finally caught it on film and have been comparing it to what the trick usually looks like for nearly an hour and just cannot figure out what is going differently. If someone would be willing to help me figure out what is different in the eiffel tower vs. heart one, that would be awesome since I’ve tried going frame by frame and just can’t see anything different. Might help to get a second set of eyes to help out. I’ll pm it to whoever is interested and see if you can maybe see something that’s happening differently…

Why don’t you upload both videos on youtube then post them here instead of having to pm? or if the video is small I believe you can just attach it in here anyway.

I don’t know, would just prefer to have a few people see it, since I want people to be surprised if they see it at the contest :wink: Chances are no one will remember watching it anyways, but if no one wants me to pm it within a day or two, I’l just post it :stuck_out_tongue:

Just post them. If anything, it gives you documented proof that they’re your tricks.

Whilst I can’t promise I’ll be able to zero in on the technique, I’m definately willing to give it a damn good try. Feel free to PM me if yee want. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the PM and the vids. I think I solved the problem here.