New Video: Spring Tricks


Constructive criticism is welcome.

I really liked the tricks Madam le Flour’s Trip to the Eiffel Tower & CMC’s Talent Search. but nothing came up when i looked for a tutorial on youtube. do you know where i could find one? is there even one? thanks in advance

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Thanks! There is no tutorial for them because those are tricks that I made up. If you want me to I could try to do a tutorial for you but no promises.

My thoughts exactly. Nice tricks man. Do you plan on competing at all?

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Maybe at BLC but I don’t think I am good enough.

Sweet video man! I really enjoyed the names. C=

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I wonder why?:wink:

i would love tutorials although i know they are alot of work, the tricks are really neat looking

Ok, I will try my best to get them recorded as soon as I can.