Would it be worth it?


I am designing yoyos, and have started trying to make CAD files for them. Anyway, would it be worth it to have my yoyos made? Just like make two of each and keep them for myself?


Sure. If a price of around $300 or more per unit floats your boat, then absolutely.

Prototyping ain’t exactly expensive, but it sure ain’t cheap either. For your money, you can get a larger run done and just end up with more. For small runs, you’re effectively just doing a prototyping run. the costs normally get absorbed by larger runs, which drive the cost per unit down, and you’re making your money back on sales(hopefully). Even if you say “I don’t need to make money” and just sell units at cost, you kind of recoup some of your investment by at least covering some of the costs.


I’m not planning on selling them. I just want some so I can say “I made this one.”


Haha well I will save up. I definitely want to try it.


I think it would be much more worth it to do a bigger run and sell at least a few because they’re much cheaper if you buy more.


I’m thinking sometime I will pick just one design and get like 10.


That might be better.


First, you can have your “competition set” Maybe that’s 4 of them. Maybe 6. 4 seems a good number.

You have 6 left over.

What to do? Hard to say. Crazy ano jobs? Laser engraving?(both?), 3A pair, a beater(one you play a lot and it ends up getting dinged and nicked but you just don’t care because it still plays sweet). Keep one “MIB” condition for sure.