Where are some good cheap places to get yoyo’s prototyped?

Also I’d like to know if there’s anyone who has already made one willing to check my tolerances on a design.

Currently I’m helping shen703 and bcmaddog with their design, but I’m thinking of getting a run of mine as well.

My goal is to get mine out as cheap as possible.

Any thoughts on the design are appreciated.

Attached is my design

Width = 44mm
Diameter = 56mm
Weight = 65-66ish grams

Lol I have a machine shop 17 minutes from me, I’d have to find out how much they charge first.

There’s about 5 around me lol and I’ve actually job shadowed some of them, but I wanted to know if any places were already accustomed to yoyo’s.

Theres absolutely no way your going to be able to produce that for $45 in the US unless you have the money to mass produce.

How many yoyo’s counts as a mass production? maybe that’s a little unreasonable, but I’m going to try my best to keep the costs down.

I’m going to try to talk to some people I know at a few machine shops to see if they can hook me up with a good deal.

I’m on a battlebot team for my school and work closely with triangle precision industries and they sponsor us, so I’m going to see if they can make me a prototype at a reduced cost and if it turns out well then I’ll do a large run an sell them as cheap as possible.

Probably Hundreds. With a larger sized run the best you’ll probably be able to do while keeping tolerances the way you want is around $60-$65 raw while making minimal profit.

hmmm, well looks like I may make a custom one for myself and a friend and that’s it lol but if it plays amazingly, I may see what I can do to see if another yoyo company wants to take my design.