Would different bearing effect the width of my California

I was wondering if i switch the stock bearing of the California with a KK bearing my X-convict has will it change the gap size or will it will stay the same

I’m guessing that the gap size would stay the same. After all, a KK bearing IS a size C bearing, and The California 2010 uses a size C bearing.

But, of course, the KK keeps the string away from the response system and makes it less likely to snap back to your hand during tricks.

Since california 2010 is C sized bearing, as long as you get c sized bearing gap will stay the same. However if you put in half spec (which fits and works) the gap will decrease

Simple Answer: Just make sure you use the right size bearing. Almost every site that sells bearings will tell you all it’s dimensions.

You disagreed and then agreed… what?

A C-Sized KK will fir your Cali, and it will be fine.

If you put the same size bearing, the gap will stay the same.