Worlds Questions


Hey guys I have some questions about Worlds. If I’m competing, do I need a floor pass? Also, does my dad need a floor pass? One last question, can I use one floor pass for two people? For example, if my dad brings me one day and my mom brings me another day, can I use the same floor pass for both of them? Thanks for the help in advance.


You all need a floor pass… You need one just to get in… Then it cost more to compete… I am not 100% if your parents can “share” one or not… But to get in you need a floor pass… So for you you will need the pass plus pay to compete…


Thanks. I think I’m gonna email WYYC about the sharing thing.


I’m pretty positive you can’t share passes. On day 3 during the finals, they have people standing at the doors viewing every single person’s pass. Each person is stopped individually for their pass. On day 3, they are very strict about having passes.

Pro tip: If you have to use the bathroom, take your pass with you. People left their passes in the room and had to have someone with a pass go in to get it.




A surprising amount of people last year didn’t but a pass until the 3rd day when they actually started checking. Brian is correct - it’s very difficult to get into the contest on the 3rd day without a pass. I had my pass tied to my case, left the room, and had to talk to the ‘bouncers’ for a solid minute to convince them that my pass was inside the room.

Regardless of them not checking passes on the first two days, you should buy a pass for all three days if you plan to attend all three days. Supporting the contest, and all.