Worlds Attendee Thread!!!!


Anyone that’s coming to worlds and wants to meet someone else who is also coming, just contact them on the thread and say where you are! This is meant to be sort of a meet up thread.
So If anyone wants to meet people from the forums, just say where you are in the building!

I promise I’m nice. :slight_smile:


It’s a good idea to wear name tags with screen names as well.


Hmm. Maybe I can make one out of scrap paper and sharpie. Lol.


Hey, does the floor pass get you into everything? such as i can look at all the booths and get into finals for 1A and 5A or does that cost more? I am trying to figure this out because this is my first time but I am going on friday and saturday


floor pass gets you into everything but competing. My first time too! TODAY WAS SO AWESOME.


Thats awesome! I will be going tomorrow, so if anyone wants to meet up, let me know, but I am about an hour away, I am going to try and get there by 10:30 am. Also, they release the yeti at the YYBB booth right? because I want to get one and I want to make sure I get there at a good time to pick up a yeti and possibly any other CLYW.


I’ll be there around 11 today. Maybe we can meet near the bahama kendama booth.


Ok, well I was there today, I was walking around most of the time and looking at the YYBB booth. Ill be there again tomorrow around 1 or 2, idk what I will be wearing yet but I have a pair of ray ban glasses and 1/2 inch plugs (holes in my ears basically), also, know anyone looking to buy a summit?