Worlds 'poor' Stream Quality

I live in Brazil and I’ve been ‘trying’ to watch the live stream.
It’s unbelievable how bad is the quality.
Common guys this is THE WORLDS, I taugh you would improve this year, but is even worst than last year stream.
I don’t like to compare, but you should watch the 2012 EYYC, it was awesome, like 5 HD cameras, interviews, with a perfect connection quality.
Somebody must be assigned to this issue, stay all the time checking the connection and the camera pointed to the players.
Please think about it, probably you would make more than 10.000 yoyoers around the world, very happy (and more addicted to the game).
Thanks for your attention.

Yeah, I think they should fix this.

Yes the quality is bad, but hey it’s Duncan what do you expect. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding. I agree that it’s bad, but talk to Duncan about it. At least you have a stream you know?

It’s like watching through a dirty window with strobe lights flashing - for all the high speed tricks there is no continuity of movement and you can’t tell what is happening. The only benefit is hearing the crowd react as it happens live. No matter who runs the thing it’s been the same.

At least C3 and YYF are getting the YouTube vids up rather quickly.

I didn’t seam to have a problem WHEN they streamed it. For me it just kept on cutting out . I get like 2 min then nothing but white screen. Then black. Refresh screen and get 2 more min. Made it hard to watch.

The best way to watch it is to go to worlds :slight_smile:

We should feel lucky that Duncan did what they did for free, I would actually be down for it to be on pay per view !! I think it’s a great idea but alot to invest in, if more people show interst it might happen in the future… Would be even great if espn did the live feed!!! But yea I noticed that once they go fast it’s choppy but other wise it’s fine for the slow throwers lol

YouTube ftw!! Lol

Hi everybody, I’ve just received a message from Duncan…

"Sadly, we were to have 4 cameras, but due to a storm that took out the main data connection from the hotel, we have been liming along with a wireless connection. It has not been good. We had great plans, but we could not make it happen.


Thanks for Duncan attention, quick answer, and service.

That’s understandable. My brother and parents live like 30 min away and they said their was bad weather and was hoping the contest wasn’t outside like the crown. I told them no, it was in a hotel. Shame they don’t YoYo or watch it so they didn’t go but my mom did send me a text last Monday stating:
: did you know the world YoYo contest is here this weekend? Na na na na naaaaa!
I live in Maryland.
My mom likes talking about YoYos with me, that’s how she knew about crown and how i was going to have to miss both because of work. Oh well next year I’m taking vacation to my parents house darn it!