Will Worlds 2013 be streaming live on line?

Do you guy know, for those of us who can’t make to Florida?


Usually there is, but no gurantee!

It usually is streaming, but it could not be or there could be technical difficulties or something. Either way, the video quality is usually pretty bad anyway. If it was like the EYYC stream, that would be awesome. Their stream is so clean. Sadly, I doubt we’ll see that… But that’s besides the point. Yes, there most likely will be a live stream of Worlds.

It’s in Prague


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It’s will be nice to see some europeans go at the world titles for a change there is some major talent over there!

Worlds definitely wasn’t like 7 months ago or anything :smiley:

You mean i have to go all the way to Prague to see the 2013 WYYC stream??? Madness