live stream


Who"s watching the livestream?
(by the way does anybody know what song adam shultz was using?)


I am, just starting!





thanks big cat… am i supposed to know these people? i dont know any of them?!?

is this years camera better than last years?


I just started watching to.


My ISP’s service is too poor for me to watch the stream.


I’m a bit confused, is this the 1A competition already? When does Worlds end?


Sort of. Mostly watching Dota 2 international stream, and glancing at WYYC stream here and there.

The WYYC stream is pretty terrible for me at least. Even when I stream it by itself, its just a choppy mess most of the time. I’m on a fiber connection, so its definitely not on my end.


Yeah, I think it’s just the stream is bad quality. Unrelated to the topic, do you have FiOS, Google Fiber, or some Fiber connection I’m unaware of?


Verizon fios. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they are using 14k dialup. It feels more like ISDN. :smiley: