Worlds most underrated player.

Matuesz Ganc.
You just don’t see stuff like this everyday. Right out’a team YYF none the less.
Comment and talk, but no flame wars please.

Specifying names for flame wars are means for flame wars.


Sorry, wasn’t thinking. Really don’t want this thread to get locked.

The beginning was pretty weak IMO until he did the eye brow scratch thing. From there thing started to improve litttle by little.

Personally, I think that is what makes a good performance, a gradual increase of awesomeness.

whats the song ?

That’s what I thought too! He starts off slow and then breaks out the awesome.

Check for his newest video!

I prefer having awesomeness throughout the whole performance. Just seems more awesome.

In regards to the actual video, it was most certainly not my cup of tea, but he does have talent.

I wouldn’t say the worlds most underrated, since, like you said, he’s sponsored by yoyofactory after all. lol So they obviously think he has quite a bit of talent.

Definitely a really nice freestyle! I won’t bother saying anything about the beginning, but most of the second two thirds of it were awesome. 1:15 really caught my eye. I need to try to learn that.

I love how he smiled throughout the performance.

Ya, he turned it up at the eyebrow thingy. but it isn’t the kinda thing that i would call a good freestyle (i hated the song and it didn’t flow that well) BUT he does have some serious talent and he smiled throughout the whole thing so that was good

i actually liked the beginning because it was simple, yet worked with the song. the latter parts were deffinently better but the beginning wasn’t bad. but you could tell that he just was happy throwing a yoyo so this guy is amazing in my book. he yoyos for the sport/hobby and to have fun.

Agreed! A yoyoer that smiles is one people want to watch!

whats the song ?

This guy is awesome. I love that eye scratch thing he did. I might steal that for X-Division next year at IYYO :stuck_out_tongue:

can someone pls tell me the song

It sounds Polish, I’m not sure.