World Yoyo Contest Rules Changelog

I’m thinking to keep track of the rules from the past WYYC (as far as possible) up to today. If I remember correctly the rules significantly changed around 2012 or so when Tex and Pev were judged separately and major deduction was introduced. I tried Googling the old rules a bit but no luck (404 not found). Can anyone more knowledgeable chime in and explain?

The first Worlds to use separate evaluation scores was in 2009. The different evaluation categories and the overall balance of points allocated to clickers vs evaluation scores has varied from year to year. I think it has been anywhere from 80/20 for clickers/evaluation to 50/50 in different years, with various individual categories being added or dropped along the way.

I believe major deductions were first used at Worlds in 2012 (before that, restarts/yoyo changes were just negative points in the T.Ex. score).

Some other major changes:

-1-minute freestyles replaced the compulsory trick list for prelims in 2007.
-Combined division was introduced in 2006 and discontinued after 2009.
-X division (anything other than 1A/2A) was added in 2000, and then split into 3A, 4A, and 5A in 2003.
-Artistic Performance replaced the team competition in 2002.


Wow, that’s really fun to know. Thanks