World of Yo-Yoing is Huge

I’m new to yo-yoing. I’ve had a Duncan Profly for a couple of weeks now, and I can do some basic tricks, such as Forward Pass and Around the World. I can’t do many because my yo-yo doesn’t have ball bearings. However, I take it everywhere now, and I’m meeting yo-yo players everywhere!
Also, would the YoYoJam Kickside be a good first ball bearing yo-yo?

Yes it would but I think a velocity would be better. You can take it from one spectrum of response to the other. It will progress as you do.

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kickside is fine it was my first ball bearing yoyo

i can make my kickside almost as unresponsive and responsive as i want with with the adjustable gap but i would bu easier to change it with the velocity

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Velocity would be great for starting, because of its dial system, the yoyo can be responsive, or nearly dead unresponsive, like ichtus said, it will progress with you.

Other than that, kickside or jouney from yyj also good.

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